About the School

Mission Statement  

The Mission of Palmer Elementary is to provide opportunities for students to achieve their personal best,become responsible and productive citizens and embrace lifelong learning in a safe and positive environment.


Vision Statement

At Palmer Elementary School, we strive to be lifelong learners, risk takers, dreamers, and culturally aware. We realize that learning does not end at school, but continues at home, in the community, and in the world around us. 



Palmer School was opened Monday, November 14, 1927.  The first day registration numbered 254 students with an additional fifteen students registering the second day for a total of 269 students.


The faculty was made up of six teachers, one for each classroom in the building.  Eugene H. Ward of Tullahoma, Louie Doris Arnold of Tracy City, and Mrs. Martin E. Conry of Palmer comprised the new faculty.


For opening day festivities, Joe Geary, the local board member and Dr. Lillian W. Johnson, Chairman of the Grundy County Board of Education were present.  Also recognized at the meeting were those on the building committee, Dr. H.O. Hembree, Mr. L. Starbuck, and Mr. John Barker as well as Mr. Henry Brown, the contractor.


Before the new school was built, Palmer had a four-room three-teacher school.  In 1927 Louis Berry, Louise Schultz, and Lela Abernathy were elected to teach there.  When the old school was abandoned for the new building in 1927, it was converted into a dwelling house.  Louie"Chief" Geary's family lived in the home for some time before it was torn down.


Palmer School will be 100 years old in 2027.  There is a time capsule in the front right hand end corner of the school where it is engraved 1927,  and the plans are to open it on November 14, 2027 on our 100 year anniversary.